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What is End marketing, benefits, how to do it, examples and cases

What is Endomarketing, benefits, how to do it, examples and cases

How about using end marketing to improve your results?

Sure, the goal is common in any business, but not everyone knows how to achieve it.

It is well known that a good team of collaborators can offer a great competitive advantage to any company.

They are the heart of the company, in addition, its lung, legs and much more.

They are the ones that keep it alive.

Therefore, it is necessary that they are involved, informed and committed to the results of the company.

In this context, end marketing plays a crucial role.

You want to know more?

I produced this content so that you understand what end marketing is, its advantages and how a company can apply it efficiently.

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What is end marketing?

What is endomarketing?

End marketing is a set of marketing strategies that focus on the internal environment of a company, especially its collaborators.

The truth is that marketing has always been synonymous with strategies focused only on end customers, seeking to help in making purchase decisions and with regard to consumer loyalty with a company or brand.

But the situation is changing rapidly and it is becoming more and more common to implement marketing internally.

End marketing is the best example of that.

Basically, its objective is to achieve that the people themselves generate significant results for the company with motivation and commitment.

Why work on end marketing?

Why work on endomarketing?

A successful end marketing strategy can benefit your business in many ways, at all levels and in all areas.

Do you want a good reason?

With employees who are satisfied and committed to the culture of the company, it is possible to build a solid and prosperous business that will attract more customers.

Take a look at the main advantages that internal marketing can provide:

1. Motivate employees

As I told you, the central point of end marketing is to keep employees engaged, carrying out a series of actions.

In this way, a satisfied civil servant feels more motivated to carry out his function.

For example, the giant Apple has a unique organizational culture that emphasizes innovation, creativity, and experience.

To promote that kind of culture, the company is highly selective when it recruits its employees and thorough when it trains them.

Apple perceived that the best way to promote the image of a brand is to have each official represent it as it should,

Anyone who has been to an Apple store knows that the employees are specialists in the products they sell and are willing to answer your questions.

They are smart, approachable and experienced, which reflects positively on the company as a whole.

2. Optimize productivity

For all the above, it is important to understand that with employees motivated to perform their role well, represent and achieve the company’s objectives, productivity also grows significantly.

When they are committed and proceed in accordance with the culture of the company, they manage to find the meaning of what they are supposed to do.

The workers notice how their work pays good results for the business. And that is rewarding.

3. Decrease the change of officials

Why work on endomarketing?

One thing is true: an employee satisfied in his organizational environment will hardly want to leave his job.

This is a question that goes beyond the salary itself.

When the employee feels that he is an integral part of the company and is benefited by it, he tends to continue on his side for many years.

And not only by being present, as participatory and interested in improving individually in the group’s prowl.

4. Increases employee loyalty and commitment to the company

When end marketing actions are well applied, the tendency is for employees to establish lasting relationships with the company where they work.

Besides that, when they realize that their suggestions to improve the company are taken into account, that relationship tends to narrow over time.

5. Quality of work and well-being

Each employee has their routine and faces situations that can cause stress to varying degrees.

This negatively influences the organizational environment, do you agree?

For this reason, end marketing strategies need to reinforce that the company cares about the well-being, as well as the physical and mental health of employees, so that the level of quality of work does not drop.

How to do end marketing

How to do endomarketing

So, now that you know the advantages of this type of marketing, maybe you are wondering how to apply end marketing in your company?

Many companies still do not consider end marketing a strong ally or see it as a challenge for the company.

Ultimately, it encompasses the production of persuasive and informative messages that are reflected in all departments or collaborators within it.

Remembering that these messages must be well worked so that both the projected image and the image that is perceived by the collaborators, is positive.

In fact, end marketing is challenging.

But you can’t just sit back, give up, and miss out on the opportunity to change the future of your business.

Therefore, the best way to conduct end marketing effectively is to work together with the Human Resources sector.

This is the department that usually talks more closely with the collaborator, providing important information about the opinion of the officials about the company.

In addition, there are a series of good practices that can not only be followed and applied to guarantee the success of your internal marketing actions.

I selected some very valuable recommendations that will help you to make your journey easier.

Please confirm!

1. Survey with collaborators

Maybe you’ve already done a customer satisfaction survey, right?

And with your collaborators, have you already thought about applying that type of method as well?

In order to maintain the well-being of everyone in the work environment, it is important that the HR department periodically apply satisfaction surveys to employees.

With this study in hand, it will be possible to identify the perception that the employee has of the company.

Also, possible failures in internal processes that may be negatively reflecting on quality and well-being.

As end marketing must always prioritize open communication, it is essential that you also listen to what the collaborator wants to tell you.

That is, the suggestions

Improvement you have.

2. Events for the internal public

How to do endomarketing

We can say that the first step for end marketing begins with the marketing itself.

The truth begins with interpersonal relationships.

For this reason, promoting events that stimulate contact between collaborators is of the utmost importance, both for the personal and professional growth of each collaborator.

Talks, conferences and motivational events are good examples of actions that can improve employee engagement.

By encouraging this type of meeting, they feel integrated into the company and allows professional growth goals to be set within it.

On the other hand, it is also important that the company is ready and open to offer help for the growth of employees.

3. Internal communication

If you want to incorporate end marketing in your company and do it well, you need to establish an efficient communication channel between the management and the other collaborators.

It is worth remembering that, regardless of the channel you choose, it is necessary to open the communication space for employees to express their opinions and suggestions for the company.

When they are listened to and receive feedback, professionals have the feeling of being a fundamental piece for the proper functioning of the business.

 4. Integration actions

How to do endomarketing

As I mentioned before, interpersonal relationships are an important factor for the success of any end marketing strategy.

In this context, investing in other more informal actions that stimulate friendship and the creation of bonds between employees is also essential to create a friendly and stimulating work environment.

For example, happy hours, celebration of the birthday of the month, barbecues, Christmas parties, end of the year, benefit events, among others.

All are examples of initiatives that foster a contact that goes beyond the work environment and exchange of experiences among your collaborators.

5. Bonus policy

When we talk about bonuses, we are not referring to the basics, such as tickets for transport and food.

But to the different ways in which you can base yourself to benefit and reward your collaborators, giving them due recognition for their work.

And there are several: bonuses for goals achieved, a day off, trips paid for by the company, tickets to the cinema or a show, are some of the possibilities.

These can be excellent reasons to keep employees engaged in their work.

A good example that I can cite is that of advertising agencies.

Increasingly, they are offering the benefit of flexible hours or home office.

This is a sign that the company believes in the potential of its collaborator and understands that with the right tools, their productivity can be the same, regardless of where they are (inside or outside the company spaces).

6. Courses and trainings

How to do endomarketing

Trainings are an excellent way to integrate and make employees see the values ​​and objectives of the company.

In addition, investing in their training shows that you are interested in the qualification and professional growth of those who are with you day by day.

As a result, they are more motivated to work and seek new knowledge.

7. Institutional videos

Videos are being the most used format by companies.

This is confirmed if we analyze the number of videos we see daily on the Facebook timeline or on Instagram Stories.

One of those formats is institutional video.

This can be a powerful weapon to disseminate the values ​​of your company and the position of your brand.

Besides that, the participation of the collaborators in the videos, being interviewed, is a way of demonstrating the recognition of the companies for those people.

8. Participation in events

If your company is a specialist in a niche market and a collaborator knows everything about how it works, it is important to invest and promote the participation of this type of people in the events you organize.

For example, by acting as speakers at any specific event in the segment, these people become representatives of your brand, transmitting trust, showing that they know what they are saying and this adds value to your customers.

In summary, in addition to end marketing, you will be working on your branding strategy by dedicating time to this type of activity.

9. Inspirational environment

Just like the clients, the collaborators themselves are increasingly demanding.

Therefore, a pleasant work environment that inspires new ideas is essential for higher productivity.

You can start with the basics, such as rest and relaxation areas, cozy decor, spaces for food or a coffee, places to exchange ideas and more.

With this, you can already notice the difference in the motivation of your team.

Take the test and set it up for yourself.

But do not forget to leave the visual identity of your brand always present.

This helps to assimilate and build an identification between employees and the way the company communicates.

10. Innovative culture 

The fact is that time does not stop and the market is constantly evolving.

Therefore, nothing to stay stuck in the comfort zone, with the same ideas and thoughts.

It is necessary to adapt to changes, in case your company wants its collaborators to commit more and more.

Therefore, do not hesitate to invest in new work tools, reformulate processes when necessary, plan launches, all this, in order to strengthen the culture of the company.

A good example of end marketing in a company

A good example of endomarketing in a company

I selected some examples of large companies that have already realized the importance of end marketing and invest heavily in this strategy.

Do you want to know which ones?

Stay here.


Google is one of the main companies that invest heavily in the quality and well-being of its employees.

And it is also for this reason that thousands of people want to work there.

One of the main strategies this tech giant adopted is offering a range of benefits.

Among them, gym, video game rooms, game tables, maternity leave and so on.

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Edomarketing conclusion

¿ Now you know as much about end marketing not find the time to do your strategic planning?

Remember that, just like your clients, your collaborators are a vital audience for the success of your company.

Therefore, using end marketing strategies can help ensure that your team stays excited to go to work and is something of an ambassador for your company.

Think about the cascading effect that this generates and the positive “contamination” that goes from collaborator to collaborator.

By applying these tips, you will be able to project your strategy and obtain excellent results, keeping your employees motivated and loyal for a long time.