Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards with IBAN for Protestants: Choose the Best Account Card and Continue to operate!

Are you looking for information on prepaid cards with IBAN for protesters? Being protested is equivalent, in the banking world, to being untouchable. No one, at least among the old institutions, would seem willing not only to do business with those who are, but even to allow the opening of a current account, where there is no money to lend, but that we should simply use to go to maybe managing the salary or a pension.

The solution, however, could be there, and if you have arrived here you have an idea: it is not certain that as protesters we cannot have more access to the banking world. We can do this with cards with IBAN for protesters, or prepaid cards that also integrate an IBAN with which to operate to send and receive money.

The prepaid cards with IBAN, which I have already had the opportunity to talk about in-depth on My Business, are an ideal solution even for those who are protested.

Let’s see together why to choose this type of solution and which ones are available for those who have had some problems with banks in the past.

Prepaid card with IBAN: what is it?

The prepaid card with IBAN allows you to manage their money without having a bank account.

Despite this, it offers many of the services of a classic card, without prohibitive management or commission costs.

As for the deposit limit, it changes according to the credit institution and the different types of cards chosen, but in any case, times are changing and even prepaid cards with IBAN allow for advantageous money credits.

What can you do with this card?

The prepaid card with IBAN allows you to make banking transactions similar to those you can do with other types of tools, how to receive the collection of salary or pension, also make bank transfers, withdrawals from ATMs.

Prepaid card and a prepaid card with IBAN: differences

Obviously, the main feature that distinguishes one from the other is linked to the presence of the IBAN. We consider that the one without IBAN, in principle, does not involve almost any management costs. They are suitable for buying online safely and are recommended for teenagers, as their use does not require that they have reached the age of 18.

Those with IBAN, on the other hand, allow you to carry out a greater number of financial transactions than the classic prepaid ones.

They cost slightly more (and it is up to you to choose the most advantageous), but you will be able to carry out activities similar to those that would be carried out with the classic bank account, as we have said.

Why choose a prepaid card with IBAN?

The world, and luckily I add, has changed a lot in recent years and we have tools that have nothing to envy to the old way of managing your bank account, at costs that are much lower.

The prepaid card with IBAN is not only an excellent solution for those who have been protesting and therefore will not have to deal with banks (or vice versa), but also for those who simply want all the features of a checking account without paying too much, neither in fees nor in transactions.

Protestants can access the accounts, although it depends on the directors

Some aspects of the Italian banking system would send even the most patient of customers to the asylum. In reality, there are no rules that prevent protesters from opening a current account, although the institution has full discretion and therefore full discretion for those who manage it.

This means that we could also be lucky and find a bank, perhaps close to home, that allows us to open the account. The reality of the facts is that on average you will have to go through different refusals before reaching the goal, contenting yourself with what you will be granted, perhaps even paying a golden weight for it.

My advice is to choose one of the two solutions that I will propose to you in a very short time, solutions that can allow you to go and operate in the banking system without the costs and without the humiliations of traditional banks.


I find the behavior of some institutions unjustified for those in your condition and for this reason I have tried to identify the best cards to meet your needs.

I am convinced that by choosing a prepaid card with IBAN you will be able to carry out all the essential routine operations such as purchases in stores or online, withdrawals and receiving wire transfers.