telephone sales

Telephone Sales Techniques for Difficult Customers

Telephone sales techniques: identify the 6 difficult customer profiles and know how to deal with their temperament There are people who love talking on the phone, spending the day chatting. But this is rarely the case when it comes to executives and entrepreneurs. And even individual customers usually don’t like being approached by salespeople over the phone. […]

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content marketing

Everything you need to know about content marketing!   

If you want to leverage your business, you need to understand what it is and how to do content marketing and bet on this strategy! We have some information that can help you through this process. You may have read somewhere that content is vital to your marketing success. So you probably spend a lot of your […]

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email sales

How to Write a Killer Sales Presentation Email

How many doors have you opened with a sales email? It could be that you are doing things the wrong way. The truth is, customers are more likely to respond to short, to-the-point emails. We don’t want emails with subjects that go round and waste our time. We want to know what these people/companies have to add […]

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customer attention

Phrases to get customers’ attention: use this technique

Know phrases to draw customers’ attention. These 4 techniques will help create sales pitches! Can you remember what were the last messages that had an effect on you as a consumer? Was it advertising messages, educational messages, or a real conversation with a salesperson? First, can you really remember anything that “worked” with you? If the answer is […]

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5 essential tips for controlling employee attendance

The frequency control staff is an important tool for any company. When used strategically and intelligently, it can contribute to the organization’s management, adding transparency and efficiency. And not only that: by using frequency control, your company also guarantees to be in compliance with the rules of the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT). These are just some of […]

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How to organize a work team to achieve the best results

What makes the organization of work teams a great challenge within companies? Making people work as a team is one of the greatest challenges for companies. And a great way to start overcoming this challenge is to make clear the role of each person on the team. There are two main reasons for this: The first is that, […]

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