What is the Duration of Bonds: Guide to Calculation?

The duration of bonds, or financial duration, is a concept with which we must necessarily get acquainted if we want to invest in bonds (and also in other instruments) with profit. The duration is in fact a fundamental tool/calculation to calculate the convenience of a bond and also to compare it with other instruments that we could choose for the investment […]

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What are the General Conditions of Sale

For Conditions of Sale (also called user) conditions means the contract that regulates online sales relationships between the user and the owner/seller of a site or application (mobile or desktop). For e-commerce, i.e. online stores that carry out commercial activities and carry out transactions electronically, this document is mandatory and includes numerous clauses governing the methods of sale, delivery, […]

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How to write a contract: here are the three rules?

Writing a contract, even for professionals, can be very complex: regulations to be applied, customer needs, difficult negotiations. We have summarized three rules for writing a good contract. Let’s see what they are Let’s take an example: in 2010 you signed a 4-year consulting contract. When you reread it before signing it, it all seemed clear, reasonable. Two years […]

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Lease Agreement

What is the Company or Business Branch Lease Agreement?

The Company or Business Branch Lease Agreement is the agreement by which an entrepreneur grants a person the availability and enjoyment of a complex of assets organized for the operation of a business, in exchange for a fee. The civil code reserves for this contract only a provision (art. 2562 of the civil code) which governs the obligations of the […]

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Bank Bonds

Bank Bonds: How to Choose the Best

Among the various forms of savings investment proposed to consumers, we have bank bonds: how can you choose the best ones? Savvy savers look around asking themselves how to invest their money in a safe and possibly profitable way. Banks, a bit like the post office, exploit the relationship of trust they have with customers (especially those of local caliber) to […]

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social media

Social media: the secret to getting it right

If you think that social media is limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you are in the moment to review your strategy. There are a number of excellent platforms that can be used to boost your business. It is even necessary to pay close attention not to confuse the concepts of social media with social networks, […]

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