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How to reach personal goals and be a champion salesperson?


Do you have difficulty understanding how to reach personal goals? Maybe this article can help you!

I recently helped a group of people review and clarify their personal and professional goals. In addition, we work on what needs to be done to achieve them.

Through articles, exercises and with the support and active participation of the participants of the group itself, there were 30 days of much reflection and practical lessons.

In the group, we assess how we can use our time more efficiently and effectively if we really want to have high performance in our lives and understand, at work, how to be a sales champion.

This is the subject of today’s article. I will talk about the main conclusions reached in the project and how to reach personal goals and how to be a best seller based on the lessons learned.

How to reach personal goals? 21 tips

  1. You have a finite number of days. Value each one of them.
  2. You cannot change the days that have passed. But you have 100% control over the ones that lie ahead. Value each one of them.
  3. Correctly managing your time is, above all, correctly managing the focus of your energy on priority activities, in accordance with the objectives you have set.
  4. It is better to do a few things, but well done and with depth, than the other way around.
  5. With good planning, you, on average, can free up 1 to 2 hours of your day. It’s estimated that for every minute of organizing and planning your day, you gain 10 minutes of productivity.
  6. It’s better to change one habit at a time.
  7. When you change a habit, you trigger a powerful force: Resistance.
  8. The Resistance knows you and wants you to go back to what you did before. She doesn’t want to get out of her comfort zone and wants everything to stay the same, even if a large part of you isn’t happy or satisfied with it.
  9. The Resistance is the Valley of Echoes. Speak positively and constructively to yourself and she and you will get positive and constructive energy back.
  10. Do you know what the biggest secret of success is? You and your Resistance together are INVINCIBLE. The Resistance is not your enemy. She is the greatest friend, the greatest partner, 100% dedicated to you. What you need is to give it a new direction and a new focus.
  11. Two excellent techniques for changing habits: Superior and Just a Little.
  12. You need to map your daily life in terms of energy cycles. The times of day where your energy is highest are called High-Performance Zones (ZAPs). Times of high performance in sales fit your PRIORITIES in High-Performance zones.
  13. Meta awareness: Remember the “Present!” and “Wake up!”
  14. Beware of Black Holes and Energetic Vampires.
  15. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Always pay attention to your mental programming and remember that you can reprogram yourself.
  16. Homeostasis: People around you are very important influences in your life. If they’re positive, great. If not, what are you going to do objectively and proactively to deal positively and constructively with this situation? Most importantly, what kind of energy have YOU been radiating around you?
  17. Clearly define your MISSION, VISION and VALUES, the attitudes that express your ‘ideal self’ on a daily basis.
  18. Clearly define your goals for the main areas of your life and the best ways to reach them.
  19. Make a list of Mental Butterflies (thoughts that get in our way and distract us) every day before you go to sleep.
  20. Create a checklist of your Perfect Day and review it constantly.
  21. Make a weekly review every Sunday to follow up on your projects, your goals, your values, your progress, what needs to be done and, above all, to THANK YOU.

How to put the tips into practice and be a sales champion?

By Professor Paulo Sergio Buhler

The best way to get rich is to work with sales, and as we all sell, wealth is there to be earned.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money. After all, really it, by itself, does not bring happiness. However, without it, I see many people sad and unhappy for not being able to buy paracetamol for their child with a fever.

Therefore, I sincerely ask you to learn how to be a bestseller with the tips I will give below.

Acronym for best seller

C – Competence

Positive thoughts get us out of the hole we’ve gotten ourselves into. But without competence, we fall into it again, and, worse, we dig deeper and deeper.

Competence is what takes root. She is like the robust trees, which before they grow upwards, they grow downwards, creating strong roots so as not to be knocked down by any small gale.

Every day train yourself, train, study, observe successful people, salespeople you admire, read books. Anyway, don’t waste time talking badly about the company, the leader, the products or the price of what you sell.

Find a way to find customers who want to buy what you sell. If you offer meat to a vegetarian, of course there is little or no chance of selling it.

Invest in prospecting, spend more shoe soles and vocal cords connecting and making visits with a good customer map.

The joy

Yes, joy sells. Sometimes customers don’t even buy because the product or service is so much better or cheaper than the competition.

They buy because the width of their smile was greater than the discount at the store next door.

Go to work with a smile on your face, be a happy salesperson! A furrowed forehead only hurts, and still leaves expression marks. I see people with frowns answering and trying to sell. It doesn’t even work in funeral parlors. It even seems like some salespeople are more special than customers, it’s as if the salesperson does a favor by being there.

We, sellers, have to show joy and smiles. After all, the only thing we can’t do if things aren’t going well, whether at the company or at home, is to frown. This attitude closes the doors and windows of opportunities to do well in life.

M – Mole

To understand how to be a champion of sales, you need to have the spring. You have to know how to get around the setbacks that happen in all companies and, frequently, with customers.

After all, in the blink of an eye, we can ruin all the work we’ve gone to before to win a customer.

I remember once I went to complain to a salesman who had sold me a shoe, which, according to him, had a lot of quality and resistance. However, a week later, the seams came loose.

I went to the store and the salesman, with an angry face, went to the manager and said: “Hey, look at this shoe I sold. It exploded and I had told Mr. Paulo that it was resistant and of quality. Let’s call the factory right now and resolve this situation, as well as give Paulo another pair of shoes”.

I was impressed. Years later, I went to give training to this company and found out that it was part of the company’s “mole”, it was all combined to make customers feel like the most important people in the world. And the manager’s ego? What ego, who said that anyone who wants to do well in life is worried about ego? What a person wants is to sell and make money, not ego.

P – Productivity

A good salesperson has to produce sales, and that’s it. It’s no use waiting for the business marketing campaign, which almost never turns out as sellers would like it to be.

So, if they are not doing things as you think they would work, how about getting hands-on to produce more sales?

A cosmetics and housewares reseller, for example, can capture customers on the internet, in the phone book, visiting this or that office, office, and so on.

The same can be done by the seller of cars, clothes, jewelry, in short, anything. Of course you should also look for strategies, powerful and dynamic alliances to increase your sales.

The planned furniture seller, for example, knows that he needs to have partnerships with architects and engineers. But the sellers who are going to pop the balloon from selling so much in this area are those who go out in search of works, constructions in progress, and have a pleasant dialogue with simple people full of sales information.

Go where your customers are, whether on foot, by bus or by plane. Only then will your sales productivity increase and you will discover, in practice, how to achieve personal goals and how to be a sales champion.

E – Energy

Salesperson without power is like remote control without a battery or cell phone without a battery: it doesn’t work. Energy is different from joy. Even if you are sad at times, which is normal for every human being, you have to have your energy recharged, because no one likes pushing people.

As they’ve said, it’s better to hold someone’s momentum than to have to push someone who wants nothing to do with life.

So balance your energies. This is possible through:

  • faith;
  • love;
  • relationship with good people;
  • attitudes of good to others;
  • celebration of small victories;
  • walks through the park;
  •  Playing on the living room floor with the children.

Anyone who understands how to be a champion salesperson is energized. When he notices the battery nearly draining, he immediately plugs in to follow his path towards success in sales and business.

A – Love

The sales world and universe need more love.

We have seen people with no passion for what they do. They’re in a profession just for the money or, worse, because they’ve abandoned themselves and haven’t found ways to do what they’d love to be doing.

It’s very sad to be attended by those who don’t like what they do. But it’s even sadder to be attended by those who don’t like what they do, and make a point of demonstrating it.

I say this because it is different for you not to like to do something, however, to do it well, at least, than to expose all your displeasure when you are serving someone. For example, I don’t like some tasks I need to do, but I keep doing them with a positive attitude and a smile on my face. After all, the customer has nothing to do with my frustrations or problems.

Put a dash of love into your work. Sometimes, from so much love that we put into our w