How to make the most of your savings: 3 strategies to invest at best?

How to make your savings pay off? What are the best strategies you can choose from to grow your capital without taking big risks?

Today I go back to talking to you about investments and the safety of your savings, and I do it by offering you three different strategies to put your money to good use and make it work for you.

The options I have chosen for you are all three suitable for a saver profile that does not have huge capital to invest and are divided by degree of risk. I’ll list them in ascending order, also explaining the pros and cons of each solution.

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1. First: define your goals

Most savers burn thousands of euros because they act immediately, without thinking and without informing themselves.

If you want to invest your money profitably you have to change your way of approaching money because you have to be clear exactly where you want to go and how.

On this blog I have published over 2,000 articles on the topic of investments as well as hundreds of hours of videos and podcasts: through this quiz, you can identify your starting situation and read the most suitable content for your profile.

2. The deposit account: the safest strategy for investing capital today

The deposit account is one of my favorite tools. It is easy to understand and use, does not involve complex contracts, and has no management costs. It is simply the perfect product for those who want to earn something from their capital simply by having them set aside and put aside.

A deposit account is a tool that you should seriously consider if:

  • you want to earn certain interests, without market trends changing your strategy and your income;
  • you do not follow the markets and have no interest in doing so; you do not want to make trading your main activity and are simply interested in protecting your capital and making it grow;
  • you need a truly guaranteed instrument, that is, one that protects the capital you have invested that protects you from any systemic and market crises.

The deposit account continues to be one of the most interesting tools to make our savings pay off. Read on and I’ll explain why.

How does the deposit account work?

The deposit account is one of the simplest investment tools to understand and manage. Just deposit some sums, bind them or not (depending on the account we have chosen) and start receiving interest.

You can choose between:

  • escrow account: in this case you will have to “block” your sums for a variable period, depending on the account you choose freely. The longer you tie up your sums, the higher the interest the bank pays you;
  • free deposit account: in this case, however, the sums are always available and you can move them to your operating current account whenever you want. However, the interest paid to you is much lower than what you would get with an escrow account.

Because the deposit account is the safest savings tool of the moment

The deposit account is, today, the safest of the savings tools you have available. This is because every account of this type operating in our country must adhere to the Interbank Guarantee Fund. This is a fund that fully guarantees sums of less than 100,000 euros per account and per account holder.

To understand this, even in the event that the bank to which we turned to should have serious problems in meeting its obligations, we could enjoy the protection of the fund, able to repay us of the amount paid.

At the time of writing, the deposit account is even safer than short-term bonds issued by solid countries, provided of course that you invest less than 100,000 euros.

For further information on this investment method, on Affair My you can find reviews of the best deposit accounts currently available in our country.


We have seen together 3 concrete solutions to make the savings pay off based on the risk profile.