Facebook Ads

5 Variables You Should Know When A/B Testing Facebook Ads

Taking an A/B test is a starting point to find out how we can improve the analysis of campaign results on Facebook. Know how! We are often driven to think that paid media campaigns are a meaningless waste of money, and it only takes one campaign with a low ROI to think about giving up advertising […]

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7 tips for your content team’s first hires

Is it time to hire more people to speed up content production in your company? Here are some essential steps to ensure a fluid and results-focused process. As an Inbound Marketing professional, I am happy to see the growing adoption of the methodology by companies from different market niches. But I know that from the moment of initiating […]

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What are the General Conditions of Sale

For Conditions of Sale (also called user) conditions means the contract that regulates online sales relationships between the user and the owner/seller of a site or application (mobile or desktop). For e-commerce, i.e. online stores that carry out commercial activities and carry out transactions electronically, this document is mandatory and includes numerous clauses governing the methods of sale, delivery, […]

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social media

Social media: the secret to getting it right

If you think that social media is limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you are in the moment to review your strategy. There are a number of excellent platforms that can be used to boost your business. It is even necessary to pay close attention not to confuse the concepts of social media with social networks, […]

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Online Selling

Lead generation: the most efficient way to sell online

The most efficient way to sell online is with lead generation. Because you bring together an audience that is interested in what you offer … … Even before making the offer. If you didn’t understand, no problem. Calm down, I’m going to explain what it’s about. How many times have you seen yourself in the middle of […]

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sales goals

How to Achieve Realistic Sales Goals

The goal is to target the sales force. Well-defined goals are the first secret of how to practically and objectively achieve sales goals. It is precisely the goal that will show where the salesperson needs to go and what result the company expects from him. This type of sales performance indicator needs to be very well stipulated. Your creation needs to […]

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