Life Insurance

Life Insurance Deductions: Guide to Deductibility and Deductibility, How Does the Regulation Work?

Today I want to talk to you about a matter of extreme interest and importance, that is, the deductions of the expenses that you possibly incur when you take out life insurance. The question is not easy to understand: the law sets particularly stringent limits as regards the type of insurance and above all the sum that can be deducted. In today’s guide, I will try […]

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Postal Interest Bonds

Postal Interest Bonds and Succession: What Happens?

The postal bonds often constitute a large part of the savings that a family has accumulated over the course of his life: a tool investment important, which in Italy has always had some success, either because the yield interesting nonetheless seen as a counter an investment whose reimbursement was in any case guaranteed. It is, therefore, no mystery that many are wondering how […]

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What is the Duration of Bonds: Guide to Calculation?

The duration of bonds, or financial duration, is a concept with which we must necessarily get acquainted if we want to invest in bonds (and also in other instruments) with profit. The duration is in fact a fundamental tool/calculation to calculate the convenience of a bond and also to compare it with other instruments that we could choose for the investment […]

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How to write a contract: here are the three rules?

Writing a contract, even for professionals, can be very complex: regulations to be applied, customer needs, difficult negotiations. We have summarized three rules for writing a good contract. Let’s see what they are Let’s take an example: in 2010 you signed a 4-year consulting contract. When you reread it before signing it, it all seemed clear, reasonable. Two years […]

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Lease Agreement

What is the Company or Business Branch Lease Agreement?

The Company or Business Branch Lease Agreement is the agreement by which an entrepreneur grants a person the availability and enjoyment of a complex of assets organized for the operation of a business, in exchange for a fee. The civil code reserves for this contract only a provision (art. 2562 of the civil code) which governs the obligations of the […]

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Bank Bonds

Bank Bonds: How to Choose the Best

Among the various forms of savings investment proposed to consumers, we have bank bonds: how can you choose the best ones? Savvy savers look around asking themselves how to invest their money in a safe and possibly profitable way. Banks, a bit like the post office, exploit the relationship of trust they have with customers (especially those of local caliber) to […]

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