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8 techniques on how to attract new customers: overcome this challenge!

how to get customers

Learning new tips on how to get more customers is always good.

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Bottom of Form

Knowing how to capture customers is one of the most challenging roles of a sales professional. It may seem obvious, but there are actually several roles performed by salespeople that go far beyond the sale itself:

  • Study the market;
  • Know your products and services;
  • Prepare for sales meetings;
  • Prepare materials and presentations;
  • Make reports and budgets (in some cases);
  • Serving current customers and selling more and more to them;
  • Make consultative sales and develop customized solutions together with the client.

And many others.

But knowing how to capture customers is a core competency to be developed by salespeople who want to stand out. The others are important too, but the constant increase in your portfolio and the consequent increase in new business entries into the company is one of the main objectives of any organization.

Capturing customers is an art that can be aided by the proper technique

Therefore, we have separated a series of tips on how to get new customers and, as you may already be suspicious, two concepts will be part of our speech to show you how to attract more customers: relationship and knowledge about the customer profile.

See our 8 suggestions on how to attract new customers!

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What is customer acquisition?

Attracting customers is a step in the sales process in which potential customers are identified and contacted with the objective of making them close a purchase and, thus, become customers. For this, the profile of ideal customers is defined; a list of possible customers that meet this profile is created; contact with them through various types of media (such as e-mail, phone calls, personal visits, videoconference, etc.) and seek to start a relationship and a sequence of follow-ups that will lead to the closing of a sale.

Was it clear to you what customer acquisition is? So, now look at some of the best ways to get customers.

8 fundamental tips on how to attract customers

Our tips will start with the more usual tactics and work a path towards lesser known ones, check it out:

1. Define the profile of your customers

Whether your clientele consists of individuals or companies, it is possible to determine a profile and look for other similar customers who need the same solutions that your company offers.

We have a material ready for you to consult that gives you all the details about creating this profile and how to attract clients with it: The Prospecting Guide, how to generate qualified and ready-to-buy leads.

2. Referrals from current customers

Here the relationship is fundamental. There are some customers with whom we have developed a closer and more reliable contact. These people can refer their solutions to other companies, introduce buyers or executives.

Of course, they will not present you with their competitors, but companies from other segments that can use the same solutions that you offer and they recommend.

3. Old customers from other companies

Salespeople usually have a career that spans several employers, sometimes even disputed in the market.

See back there if any customer from the past doesn’t fit the products or services you offer today, in the company you’re working for.

how to get customers

Use your social network and ask for referrals

4. Relationship network with sellers

In the same way that they have many employers, salespeople have many colleagues in the market. Get in touch with those who have more affinity and “exchange cards”.

Which of your customers might need the solutions he sells and vice versa? It’s a great way on how to capture qualified customers!

5. The good old internet

Websites for unions, employers’ associations, regulatory agencies, and even competing companies are a rich source of information on companies that use the products and services you sell.

Do you know when a competitor proudly lists the companies it serves on its website? Well, he delivered the gold right there… It’s a handy way to get more customers!

6. Search social media

No, it’s not bad to use social media during work hours, as long as you’re trying to figure out how to get new customers.

Of course, Facebook may not be ideal for that, but blogs that discuss technical issues – such as IT, management solutions, agriculture, etc. -, can be the right source to find company executives looking for the solutions you offer. Sign up for several of them and show your knowledge of the subject.

LinkedIn is an especially interesting social media for this, including many discussion groups that will be great for anyone wanting to know how to capture customers.

Already have a LinkedIn account? So take the opportunity to get to know our community the art of delighting and retaining customers and participate in our discussions about sales, business and relationships.

how to get customers

Social networks are great allies of any seller

7. Inbound and Content Marketing

What if instead of blogging by other companies or groups of professionals, your own company has a blog full of information relevant to your potential customers?

What if, in addition, this blog has a system and tools showing which customers are interested in what products or services, who is just getting informed, who really needs your solutions, etc.? This is what is called I bound Marketing, a technique that is based on SEO and relevant content.

8. Job Ad Sites

No, no one is suggesting that you look for a new career opportunity in the market! But think about it this way: if you sell combines and there you find a company that advertises vacancies for drivers specializing in this type of machine… potential customer located!

This can be a good tip on how to attract new customers, don’t you think? And more: if the company is hiring, it is possibly going through a growth and investment phase.

Try this. There are several free sites that advertise job openings, they can be an excellent source of prospects for you.

In order for you to fully master the most appropriate ways to attract new customers, we have a few more tips.

There are three strategies for attracting more specific customers:

  • how to attract customers over the internet;
  • how to capture customers by phone;
  • How to use LinkedIn to capture customers.

See more details of each of these ways to attract customers!

How to attract customers over the internet

We have 7 special tips on how to get customers on the internet:

  1. Create content for blogs and social media and show your customers that you are a reference in the subjects that are relevant to them.
  2. Use SEO, that is: discover the keywords most used by your customer profile on the internet and I used them in the construction of these contents and also on your website.
  3. Use paid ads on Google, social media and on websites relevant to your business.
  4. Create content in partnership with companies that have the same customer profile as you.
  5. Always be active on your company’s pages on social networks and also on your personal profiles: make yourself known and be considered a great professional!
  6. Do you have a network of contacts on the internet? Ask them for help to refer you clients!
  7. Use the commemorative dates to make special actions to attract customers.

How to attract customers by phone

Now, our tips are on how to attract customers by phone and close sales, see 5 of them:

  1. Before calling, use the profile of the company on LinkedIn and also the person you are going to talk to get to know them better and their pain.
  2. Always be careful, polite and formal. Patience is essential at this time. And besides, remember to treat everyone you talk to well, even if they’re not the decision makers.
  3. Persist without being boring. But don’t give up easily. There are only three reasons to stop calling a customer: if he emphatically says he’s not going to buy; if you feel that your solution will not be useful to him or if you notice that he cannot afford the solution.
  4. If an intermediary answers the call, such as a secretary or receptionist, be as polite as possible and make sure they get your message through.
  5. Don’t be extreme, use other forms of communication to reinforce your relationship with customers.

How to use LinkedIn to capture customers

Now it’s time to find out how to get clients through LinkedIn:

  1. Take care when building your LinkedIn profile, show why you should be a reference professional in your field.
  2. Expand your network of contacts, always inviting people you meet as you work or old acquaintances you only recently discovered.
  3. Relate to these contacts, ask questions, congratulate on company achievements, praise if promoted, write recommendations, etc.
  4. Use LinkedIn’s search filters to find companies with a profile that matches your company’s best customers.
  5. Post interesting posts to your timeline (don’t forget to like and comment on your contacts!) and also write articles on the LinkedIn publishing platform.
  6. Participate in groups and forums, always with comments or exchange of relevant information and knowledge, no advertising in these places! Build the profile of an extremely competent professional who always has good advice to give.