Facebook Ads

5 Variables You Should Know When A/B Testing Facebook Ads

Taking an A/B test is a starting point to find out how we can improve the analysis of campaign results on Facebook. Know how! We are often driven to think that paid media campaigns are a meaningless waste of money, and it only takes one campaign with a low ROI to think about giving up advertising […]

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7 tips for your content team’s first hires

Is it time to hire more people to speed up content production in your company? Here are some essential steps to ensure a fluid and results-focused process. As an Inbound Marketing professional, I am happy to see the growing adoption of the methodology by companies from different market niches. But I know that from the moment of initiating […]

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Incident: now business is serious

As systems become more complex, failures are inevitable. No system has perfect uptime. These serious problems affecting the software we can call incidents – an event that prevents the user from accessing your product or, even worse, alters data and information without the customer’s consent. As you can imagine, business is now serious! In this post, I’ll tell you how Resultados Digitais handles […]

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Welcome to the wonderful world of contract testing

Software development has always changed dynamically over time. New programming paradigms were created, new types of language, methodologies and processes. The systems architecture could not be left out either, starting with a monolithic architecture, moving to a service-oriented architecture ( SOA ), to the architecture with the greatest prominence at the moment: microservices . The increased use of architectures based on […]

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How to use Google Ads Keyword Planner

Learn how to use Keyword Planner and identify the most relevant keywords to your business both organically and with paid media Are you thinking of investing in Google Ads or creating content to increase organic traffic to your site? If so, the first step is to choose the keywords related to your products or services using keywords Planner (or Keyword […]

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